cadeauxI recently mentioned it on Facebook, a surprise is in preparation on this very blog...

Soon the blog will be 2 years old, and when there is a birthday there are presents (I can feel you are starting to be interested :-)
There will be presents to win thank to our partner, a big yarn brand who are associating themselves with Mélusine tricote... to celebrate the event. What? Which brand? Do you really believe I’m going to reveal everything at once? You will have to be patient for a little while longer...

These presents will be to win at the end of a contest during which you will be able to show your imagination and talent. I can hear your thoughts, readers from overseas : “How about us, will we also be able to enter?” The answer is yes! This contest will be open internationally and will not give a damn about borders (well, I have to clarify that we will not deliver outside of the solar system...)

juryAnd who best to arbitrate an international contest than an international jury representing all five continents of our (so pretty?) planet? (Now you HAVE to acknowledge that she went into a lot of trouble, your Mélu…)

The members of this “Jury of the Five Continents” will be:

Jenny von Gogh, alias jennynosocks. Experienced knitter, blogger addicted to her needles, Jenny is one of the administrators and moderators of the « South Africa » group on Ravelry. She will therefore represent Africa.

Stéphanie Voyer, alias birana, a young Canadian designer full of talent(s) (not all of them hidden ;-). We all have noticed her recent collaborations with Classic Elite Yarns and Yarn Forward Magazine (amongst otheres). Stéphanie will be the Juror for the American continent.

Lois Leong, alias Lois, a knitter from Singapour who does a lot on Ravelry through her group « Asian knitters ». As indicated by its name, this group brings together knitters who have a connection with Asia. She will be the voice of the Asian continent.

Justine Bellavita, alias pippawilson. Active blogger and knitter, it isn’t unusual to meet her at the Stitch’n Bitch in Milan. Justine has managed to combine her profession as a journalist and her passion for the needles by becoming a redactor for the blog Hobby - Maglia e Fai da Te (= knitting) of LeiWeb, a large Italian female portal. She will therefore represent Europe.

David Reidy, alias DavidReidy, an Australian knitter, well-known and regarded podcaster, father of Sticks and String. He defines himself simply as “an Australian bloke who lives in the Blue Mountains [...], and knits and podcasts about knitting.” But we know very well that he’s much more than that... David will be the juror for the Australian continent.   
So what do you say? Great people, no? :-)

internauteTo represent our sponsor and 'Mélusine tricote...', a second jury made up of a representative from the brand and myself will give a helpful hand to this Jury from the Five Continents. But it will be you, dear Internet users, who will count the most in choosing the winners as your votes will make up 50% of the final results. I rely on you, when the time comes, to go and vote en masse for your friends...

To be continued...

Translation : Aurélia Reymond-Laruinaz.

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